Your UNHWAA Contribution Membership

- Every donation that reaches $100.00 towards

UNHWAA , becomes an UNHWAA Member.

- Every UNHWAA Yearly contribution membership

 has a vote in the UNHWAA Wildcat Wrestling Hall of Fame.

- Every UNHWAA Members will receive a

UNH Wrestling T-Shirt / Team Schedule


-Membership Levels Recognized at the UNHWAA Alumni Dinner following  the Jim Urquhart "New England Championships"




The purpose of the UNHWAA Membership  is to:

   -Help promote UNH Pride and Traditions.

-To preserve UNH Wrestling History
     -Support the mission of both UNH Wrestling and the UNHWAA.
     -Organize events and programs to bring alumni together.
     -Increase Alumni Memberships in the UNHWAA.

To build a successful Alumni Networking:

     -Make an annual plan — map out your goals for the next year.
     -Be prepared, but be flexible.
     -Have consistent leadership team meetings/conference calls.
     -Allowing alums to volunteer where they have interest.
     -Be true to the goals established for your network.
     -Stay on target to get information back in a timely manner.
     -Ask for advice.
     -Be open to new ideas.
     -Provide networking opportunities.
     -Building relationships — have greeters to make alumni feel welcome.

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